Financial Empowerment Workshops

financial empowerment contentFinancial Empowerment

Financial Empowerment is the ability to navigate life’s events. It’s more than setting financial goals, it’s building towards them. Check out our flyer to see when the next Financial Empowerment Workshop Series is! You can register for these workshops in the Training Center tab in your account! If you haven’t created an account, click the Create Your Account button to get started and register!

Budgeting 101

What is a budget? It is simply a spending plan for your money. Learn how to create a plan to help take the first step to financial freedom by acquiring tips, tricks, and tools to get your finances under control. 

Saving For Financial Freedom

Saving is about planning ahead. You want be prepared for unexpected financial emergencies. Empower yourself to make better daily habits and choices. Let us help you learn how to save money without making more!

Lets Talk Credit 

Credit can impact every aspect of your life from attaining a job, taking out a loan, and even establishing utilities. In this workshop, we’ll discuss establishing and maintaining good credit. Also, understanding credit scoring, restoring your credit, and more!

Overcoming Debt

First step to overcoming debt is to figure out your spending patterns. Learn all you need to know about "Good" debt and "Bad" debt, how to pay it off and how to manage your debt. Let us help you create and commit to a plan!

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