HomeStart Achieves Exemplary Rating

After undergoing a comprehensive program review conducted by NeighborWorks® America, HomeStart, a local nonprofit housing organization, has achieved the rating of Exemplary, the highest rating an organization can receive. NeighborWorks® America is a public not for profit organization, and HomeStart is a part of its network of organizations.

NeighborWorks® America conducts annual offsite reviews, and onsite reviews every three years. During the review HomeStart was assessed in six categories of organizational health. Because HomeStart exceeded the evaluation criteria in all of the required categories, HomeStart’s rating went from Strong to Exemplary.

“Our staff and board have worked very hard over the last three years to get to this level of success,” said Kirk Pearson, HomeStart Board of Directors President. “NeighborWorks® America has high standards, and is committed to a network of excellence. We are very proud of this achievement. We will build on this success as we continue our work to improve the lives of the people we serve, and as we do our part to strengthen the communities in Northern Illinois,” continued Pearson.

The NeighborWorks® assessment process is designed to help its network organizations reach the highest levels of performance and impact. As a federally-funded agency, NeighborWorks® America is accountable to Congress, OMB, funders, and taxpayers. The review process reinforces NeighborWorks America’s commitment to proper stewardship of the resources and grants that they allocate to the network organizations.

Since 2013, HomeStart’s Achievements Include:

  • 670 families achieved first-time homeownership
  • 860 foreclosures prevented
  • 15 roof replacements & home improvement projects completed in Freeport and Rockford

13 deteriorated properties demolished in Freeport

We envision thriving neighborhoods where everyone has equal access to quality housing opportunities.