Thank You Walmart Foundation!

41797752 1694430280666227 8125143702357147648 nThere are three key areas of focus for financial awards and grants through the Walmart Foundation: Opportunities, Sustainability, and Community. Globally, Walmarts across American have invested $1.4 billion in cash and in-kind contributions in 2017 for non-profits and various organizations focused on these key areas. The Walmart Foundation continue this great work to financially support local communities in 2018. Each individual Walmart supports local non-profits through the Walmart Foundation to ensure the money they give goes directly to the communities they service.

Thank You Walmart of Freeport!

Thank you to the Walmart Foundation and Walmart of Freeport for their contribution to HomeStart's community efforts in Freeport through the Community Grant! Through their support, HomeStart has been able to continue to grow roots in the Freeport area by buying a building for our office space! Come visit our new office right on West Main in downtown Freeport! Thank you Walmart of Freeport for you contributions to helping us move to our new space, we are so excited to get settled!

Thank You West Riverside Walmart!

Through the Walmart Foundation, the West Riverside Walmart in Rockford awarded HomeStart with a Community Grant to support our group education programs! Through this grant, HomeStart can continue to provide education that builds a foundation of financial capabilities for our Rockford community. These classes are critical to ensuring people feel in control of their finances, know how to budget and save, build credit, and more! Keep up with when and where our Rockford classes are on our Facebook and LinkedIn! We have additional information about our Financial Empowerment classes on our website!

Thank You Belvidere Walmart!

With the support of the Belvidere Walmart, HomeStart was able to host a Fianncial Empowerment workshop in Boone county. It's strive to be an accessible resource to all of the counties in our service area and with the generous support of the Walmart of Belvidere, we are able to provide Financial Empowerment Educationopportunities to residents of Boone County. 

Creating choice in housing, community in neighborhoods, and empowerment in personal finance throughout northern Illinois.

Looking for Rental Assistance?

Several agencies registered with the Illinois Department of Human Services can help. To find a provider working in your county, click here.

Starting at 9:00am on September 15, 2021, there will be an open application for rent assistance for anyone who is in a court eviction proceeding and can provide eviction court documentation. To apply to this program, click here. If you need assistance with uploading your documents for this application, call our office at 815-962-2011 and we can help. For more information on who qualifies and what documentation is needed, go to

If you need assistance with rental counseling, call one of our offices:  815-962-2011 (Rockford) or 815-232-6187 (Freeport).