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Get Foreclosure Help

In Danger of Losing Your Home?

If you are having trouble making your mortgage, or if you’ve been notified by your bank that you are in foreclosure, HomeStart is here to help.  We have a number of options to help you explore with the goal of saving your home, and your credit.

How does HomeStart Help?

  1. The first step is knowing where you are at in the foreclosure process.  HomeStart helps you understand your individual situation so you can chose the best option.
  2. Next, we help you connect with the best program and help you complete all of the required steps.
  3. Before we can help you, we will need some information to assess your particular situation.  Please complete the Foreclosure Counseling Registration Packet, and return it to our office by fax, email, or dropping it off at one of our locations.
  4. Once your information is reviewed by a HomeStart Housing Counselor, we will call you to make an appointment.
  5. If you have a sale date, please let us know so we can put your file on a fast track.

If you have lost income through no fault of your own, you may qualify for mortgage rescue funds through the Illinois Hardest Hit Fund.  For a full list of qualifications and to apply for the program, click on the IL Hardest Hit Program on the right. If you do apply, and want to work directly with HomeStart, make sure you choose us as your agency on the Name and Lender screen.

To learn more about Foreclosure Mediation, watch this video: