HomeStart provides housing counseling, foreclosure prevention counseling, down payment assistance and homebuyer education to the residents of Northern Illinois. As a chartered member of NeighborWorks America, a national network of 235 independent, community-based, nonprofit organizations, HomeStart is committed to helping community members find solutions to their housing goals.

HomeStart Services - How Can We Help You?
1. What you need to know before buying your first home
2. Down payment assistance & financing options for your home purchase
3. Home foreclosure help
4. Reverse mortgage assistance
5. Home improvement options

IMPORTANT NOTE: Individuals using HomeStart's name or a similar name are sending forged documents to customers stating that customers are approved for a trial modification and that customers must pay a large 'reinstatement fee' to their lender. The papers state that payment be sent to a location called 'Processing Services.' Always check with your loan servicer to verify that you have been approved for a trial modification and the mailing address before sending any payments.

HomeStart supports the Home Matters movement that unites America around the home as the place where lives and families thrive. Home Matters aims to build public support for the essential role that home plays as the bedrock for thriving lives, families and a stronger nation. As Home Matters grows, so too will public awareness of the proven connections between stable housing and jobs, education, health, the economy, public safety and other important facets of American life.